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    Octo-Tech is a rapidly growing SME established in 2008. Octo-Tech was founded Images target industries
    by a group of engineers and researchers who have a broad experience in industrial processes and R&D. 
    Our mission consists in bridging the gap between the companies and research centres and universities 
    pursuing the goal of finding optimal solution for technical, technological and scientific problems of 
    our industrial customers. Identification of the problem and finding the ways for its solution is our buisness. 
    We provide complex solutions including organization and coordination of R&D projects, development 
    of advanced technologies and equipment, and search for suppliers of specific materials and machines.

    Our strategic goals:

     Our activity:Scheme

      Target industries:

  1. Metallurgy: suply of materials and consumables
  2. Vacuum technique, electronics and thin-film technology: development of vacuum systems, technological development, R&D, logistics, etc.
  3. R&D project with universities and research centres: organization, coordination, supervising, etc.
      Our partners:           
        Signode Systems GmbH (Germany)
        Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelters (Kazakhstan)
        Hoganas Bjuf AB (Sweden)
        CompAir Drucklufttechnik - Zweigniederlassung der Gardner Denver Deutschland GmbH (Germany)

        Limited Liability Company "MELZ-EVP" (Russia)

    Contact information:

            2nd Filevskaia 7/19, block 6,
        TARP ZAO,
        Moscow 121096
        info (at) octo-tech dot com                                                                                                                        
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